Quick Course

Step One:
Enroll and Get Started

FFS Medicaid and Related State Programs

Pharmacy providers must enroll with the VDP prior to providing outpatient prescription services for patients covered by fee-for-service Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program, Healthy Texas Woman Program, and Kidney Health Care Program.

Medicaid Managed Care and CHIP

Pharmacy providers must enroll with the VDP in order to be eligible to contract with and participate in Medicaid managed care or CHIP.

Durable Medical Equipment and Comprehensive Care Program

Pharmacy providers have the option to enroll as durable medical equipment (DME) or Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) providers to dispense additional medically necessary products that may not be covered through the VDP.

Enrollment Resources

Enrollment information and forms are available on the VDP website. Links to all resources mentioned in the course are available at the end of the course.

Enrollment Period and Termination

Pharmacies generally enroll for a five-year period and must revalidate their enrollment every five years. Enrollment will be terminated for pharmacies that do not submit claims for 12 consecutive months. Those pharmacies must reapply in order to be reinstated.


Prescription descriptions

Texas Medicaid accepts all forms of prescriptions, including hand written, telephoned, faxed, and electronic. All required prescription elements must be provided regardless of the format used by the prescribing provider when sending to the pharmacy. Pharmacies that receive e-prescriptions for schedule 2, 3, 4, and 5 medications must maintain required pharmacy software certifications and credentialing.