Quick Course

Step One:
Check the Formulary

VDP maintains a formulary of legend and over-the-counter medications that meet state and federal criteria for Medicaid benefits. Learn about these items using the online formulary search.

There are multiple ways to find items using formulary search:

formulary search fields
  • Enter the full 11-digit National Drug Code (NDC) number or the drug or product name.
  • Enter only the first five numbers of the 11-digit NDC number or the first four letters of the drug name.
  • Enter the brand name of the drug or product
  • Enter the generic name of the drug or product
  • Search by therapeutic class
  • Search by drug list grouping

There are other items that may be available as pharmacy benefits, including vitamin and mineral products, home health supplies, clinician-administered drugs, and long-acting reversible contraception products.


News You Can Use

The formulary search function identifies which program pays for each drug or product. Consult the formulary before prescribing to determine whether coverage is available.